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If Mario Odyssey Was Super Real

After the official trailer for the upcoming "Super Mario Odyssey" going viral a few days ago now this "real" version


Super Mario Odyssey – Nintendo Switch Trailer

After completing "Super Mario Run" I am really looking forward to a "real" new Mario game. Nintendo did release this


Is Luigi The Richest Man In The Mushroom Kingdom?

The Game Theorists came up with a pretty crazy but somewhat interesting and working theory. Is Super Mario's sidekick and


Epic Super Mario Question Block Cake

This cake by Rosanna Pansino looks terrific! She even has Coins in the block, so they fall out when you


Super Mario Stopmotion Made Of Rubik’s Cubes

This video by jugglersynchro from 2015 is getting lots of hits recently. The stopmotion based on hundreds of rubik's cubes


Super Mario Run Meets Parkour in Real Life

Free run athlete Calen Chan did jump and run a whole lot for Devin Supertramp to rescue Princess Peach. This


Build Your Own Working LEGO Piranha Plant

JK Brickworks has built this cool piranha plant out of LEGO stones. The video of him explaining, how he did


Jimmy Fallon Plays Super Mario Run

As one of the first people ever Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon got to play a round of "Super Mario


Epic Super Mario World Soundtrack Cover

Instead of making a version of some new pop song, samuraiguitarist did a cover of one of the most classic


Introduction To Super Mario Run

I am really excited to get my hand(s) on the new "Super Mario Run", which is going to be released

Super Mario: Underground Shows What Happens When Mario Dies

Nukazooka show us what happens after you fell down a hole, playing Super Mario. That poor little plumber... But on

Real-Life Super Mario Galaxy

Awesome usage of 360 camera equipment and a little "planet morphing" by Corridor Digital. Little Mario and Luigi jumping from