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Ladybug Taking Off In Super Slow Motion

There is a magical world on our very own planet that we all ignore. The insect world is truly amazing


Throwing A Hammer Through A Mirror In Slow Motion

Smashing a glass is a classic move in the movies to create drama. The Slow Mo Guys take the simple act of


Lego Plane Crash In Slow Motion

What's the best part of building towering cities with Lego? Smashing the it all to bits, Godzilla-style of cours. The Slow


Slow Motion Rainbow Flame

Fire has mesmerized man since the dawn of time. There's just something so magical how the flames dance, grow, and then disappear.


Lightning Storm In Super Slow Motion Is Stunning

Even adults often stop in shock and awe when the skies unleash a smashing thunder and lightning storm. Professor Ningyu


Popping A Giant Balloon While Standing Inside It

Somehow, Gavin of The Slow Mo Guys managed to climb his way inside of a giant, 6 foot blue balloon. He then made


Paint On A Drum In Slow Motion

For their latest project, The Slow Mo Guys took dried power paint and placed it on a drum. Then, with their high


Giant Flamethrower In Super Slow Motion

Everyone knows that flamethrowers are already extremely cool. But a giant 50 foot flamethrower? Forget about it! That's Hollywood level badassery.


Laser Hair Removal In Slow Motion

Today, there are more options than ever in the beauty aisle. Instead of simply plucking, ripping, or waxing hairs off


Pouring Molten Salt Into Water Has Explosive Results

Who knew you could melt salt. The Backyard Scientist did. For his latest experiment, he super heated some salt until it was


Spiral Catherine Wheel Fireworks In Slow Motion

Everyone knows that fireworks always look better in slow motion. For their latest project, The Slow Mo Guys took a simple


Tongue In Mouse Trap Will Make You Cringe

The Slow Mo Guys have apparently recorded nearly everything they can think of on their super slow motion cameras. So now