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SUPERMAN 64 Video Game Trailer

For some reason, video game companies really struggle when attempting to adapt a superhero into a game. Superman is, well, super,


How Batman VS Superman Should Have Ended

Apparently, viewers aren't yet tired of all the superhero movies. As long as Hollywood continues to cram more and more


If Batman VS Superman Came Out In 1995

It's very easy to find a movie that came out in the 1990's. Nearly every trailer had the same editing style.


Batman And Superman Bad Blood Parody Music Video

Over the past decade, Hollywood has churned out countless superhero movies. But there is one film that fan are anxiously


Goku VS Superman Epic Rap Battles Of History

Ray William Johnson, one of YouTube's most popular creators, guest stars in this new Epic Rap Battles of History music video.


Alternate ‘Gravity’ Scene Featuring Superman Is Awesome

Krishna Shenoi reports the shocking news that Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuaron originally shot this much different opening scene for the famous film Gravity.


What It Would Look Like If Superman Wore A GoPro

Besides for the x-ray vision and heat ray, the Superman special ability everyone wants to experience is flying! Special effects


Baby’s Reaction To Superman Flying Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Watching Superman take flight can make any adult feel like a kid again. But what does it make a kid


Superman VS The Hulk Part 3

The Hulk and Superman have been battling since 2011 in eye-popping CGI shorts created by 3D animator Mike Habjan.  Together, his


Honest Trailer Of Man of Steel

Hollywood has rebooted and restarted so many superhero franchises over the past 15 years, it's really getting confusing.  Naturally, after


What Really Happens When Superman Asks Batman To Partner Comedy Sketch

NSFW language! Comic book and superhero obsessed Pete Holmes is back again after his recent and very viral Professor X Fires Wolverine In


Superman 75 Years Synopsis Animated Short

Even though he is 75 years old, Superman hasn't aged a bit. In honor of his 75th anniversary, DC Comics put together