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Batman And Superman Discuss Their New Movie Cartoon

As most nerds now already know, an upcoming Batman-Superman movie has been announced. The details are still grainy, but already


How Man Of Steel Should Have Ended

The popular movie adaptation artists at How It Should Have Ended have done it again! Now that the hoopla over Man Of Steel


Superman Draws His Life

The online fad has grown so popular, even The Man of Steel is taking part of a Draw My Life


The Scientific Secret of Strength and Muscle Growth

In honor of the new Superman movie, education channel Asap SCIENCE takes on the subject of muscle growth. Everyone knows they must


Bill Nye On Superman Shaving

Knowing the Web at large has a soft spot for Bill Nye, the marketers at Gillette very wisely recruited 'The Science Guy'


The Ultimate Nutshot From Superman

 The web is peppered with "nut-shot" videos. Ever since World's Funniest Home Videos, viewers have been laughing at the terrible


Realistic Remote Control Flying Superman

Triathlonky was by the beach with his buddies in Southern California when they saw Superman fly over head. He was lucky


Man Of Steel Official Trailer

The superhero movie reboots continue to prove successful, and everyone knows that Hollywood never lets a dead horse go unbeaten. 


Dad Tosses Toddler Wearing Just Diaper And Cape Onto Giant Pillow

One of the first roles a toddler boy likes pretend to be is a superhero, with Superman being the most


Flying Superman Gag While Driving

This gag has been done before, but it never gets old. A couple friends going for a drive in Costa


Fan’s Explosive Emotional Reaction To Smallville Finale

A fan records his reactions to the season finale of the Superman show, Smallville. He has been watching since 2001,


Superman In Class Prank Fail

There's been plenty Superman prank viral videos. A student jumps up on his phone and shouts. Then he tears off