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Surfing In High Heels

Most people can't even surf while dressed in normal swimwear. But pro surfer Maud Le Car is not your average…

Baby Seal Jumps Aboard Surfer’s Board

Matt and his buddy were out riding some waves when they had a rare encounter with an adorable little baby…

This Guy Playing Guitar While Surfing Will Warm You Up

It's cold, wet, and snowy across the country.  But this video will warm you up.  Musician and avid surfer Chris…

Surfer Rides Tallest Wave On Record

Surfer Garrett McNamara made history after riding the largest wave on record, a massive 78 foot tall mountain of water…

Surfing At Night Wearing Neon Lights

Seventeen Australian surfers went out to Sydney’s Bondi Beach with a very cool and unique idea. They retro fitted their boards and even…



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