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Surfing On And BASE Jumping Off A Zipline

If surfing isn't extreme enough for you, you can go ziplining. If ziplining isn't extreme enough for you, try BASE


Surfer Performs Perfect Back Flip

Most of us can't even surf on a calm wave. But Gabriel Medina is not your average surfer. He recently made


Kite Surfing Gone Wrong

Kite surfing can be a thrilling, exciting sport. You are literally propelled through the water with the power of the


Surfing In High Heels

Most people can't even surf while dressed in normal swimwear. But pro surfer Maud Le Car is not your average


Street Surfing In New Jersey

As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. So when the the streets of the New Jersey town Longport were


Motorcycle Surfing Is Now A Reality

There are some sports that easy to merge together. Golfing with a Frisbee is Frolf. Baseball with kicking instead of


Mick Fanning Fights Off Shark At J-Bay Open

Being attacked by a shark is actually pretty rare, but many swimmers are terrified of being attacked by the brutal


Motorcycle Surfing Will Blow Your Mind

Riding a motorcycle with 'no-hands' is already difficult enough. But these extreme bikers take this concept to the next level. They


Kama The Surfing Pig

The Internet has seen surfing dogs and cats. But what about a surfing pig?? Kama the pig lives on the Hawaii


Baby Seal Jumps Aboard Surfer’s Board

Matt and his buddy were out riding some waves when they had a rare encounter with an adorable little baby


This Guy Playing Guitar While Surfing Will Warm You Up

It's cold, wet, and snowy across the country.  But this video will warm you up.  Musician and avid surfer Chris


John John Florence Performs Perfect 10 Surfing Trick

The Oakley Pro Bali surfing competition just started in Indonesia, and already one of the athletes has gone viral. John John