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Starting A Fire With Just A Plastic Ziploc Bag And Water

Even though 99.9% of us will never need to know how to actually survive in the wild, it's a popular segment on…

How To Make Fire With A Lemon

Even if you're most likely never going to need a survivor lifehack like this, it's still extremely cool. As fire…

Surviving In The Arctic Spoof

The Internet loves making fun of the pseudo-survivor show Man Vs Wild just as much as they enjoy watching it.  Popular YouTuber…

How To Open Canned Food With Just Your Bare Hands

This video by Russian outdoors-man and survivalist Grigoryi1 has gone viral. Having canned food while lost in the woods is a great…

Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami Victims Thank Nations That Helped Recovery

Japan has come a long way since the many devastating disasters that struck almost one year ago. But the Japanese are…



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