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Jennifer Aniston And Lisa Kudrow Have An Epic ‘Curse Off’ On Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Live is known to bleep and bloop out words unnecessarily. He basically invented unnecessary censorship. But for once, it is very


Julia Roberts Plays Sally Field In Celebrity Swear Off On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel had the honor of hosting Hollywood stars Julia Roberts and Sally Field on his late night program. Jimmy decided to take


Ultimate News Bloopers Of 2013 Compilation

NSFW Language It's been a crazy year on television. You'd think in this day and age with the aid of


The Worst Thing You Ever Heard Your Mommy Say

Jimmy Kimmel Live often has great viral success online with his camera crew interviewing passersby on Hollywood Blvd series, and this


Hugh Laurie And Stephen Colbert Recite Obscenities

NSFW language  The four big broadcast networks are arguing to the FCC that cable is stealing their thunder as cable


Crazy Lady Steals Rhubarb

NSFW Language This week old video by Remote Laughter is trending more than ever, especially after being parodied by Conan. The video


North Dakota News Anchor AJ Clemente Accidentally Swears On His First Day

NSFW Warning language  First days are tough, be it the first day of Kindergarten, high school, or work. Everyone gets


K-Mart Ship My Pants Commercial

Again, it seems the marketers of mega corporations have debuted another genius and hilarious Superbowl-worthy commercial during the regular year.


Roommate Curses After Messing Up On Guitar

NSFW Warning - Language We've all been there. For whatever reason, we get a sudden surge of inspiration to finally


Jesse Pinkman Saying B*tch Compilation

NSFW Warning - language Breaking Bad continues to be one of the most popular cable shows of choice for the


Ultimate F-Bombs On The News Blooper Compilation

NSFW Warning - Language When a news-person slips up and swears on the air on accident, there's just something so much more


F***IN’ Las Vagas Tour

After the success of his last F***in' Tour, which already has garnered over one million views, online comedian Greg Benson