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Swedish Marines Cover ‘Greased Lightning’ In Hilarious Lip Dub Music Video

There's a lot of down time while serving in the armed forces in Afghanistan. So what can the soldiers do


Ten Year Old Girl Jumps Over Gates On All Fours Like A Horse

Swedish born Anna Salander is not your typical girl. Most ten year old girls prefer to play with toy ponies


Ping Pong Paddle Knife Throwing Trick

Swedish YouTube channel Tumba Ping Pong Show is trending online for their trick ping pong videos. This daring knife throwing trick


Hamster Drives 15 Ton Volvo Truck

At the start of the month, Volvo president Claes Nilsson went viral by brazenly standing on one of his new trucks


Drop Down Backwards From Monkey Bar Water Slide

Every water park in the world touts how they are the only establishment to have to tallest, biggest, or craziest


Incredibly Realistic Warhammer 40k Space Marine Cosplay

Warhammer 40,000 is the popular tabletop war game from the 80's that continues to accrue fans. Now, Swedish fan Pilerud has brought


Swedish Skydiving Cats Commercial

Swedish pet insurance company Folksam has just gone viralviral with an adorable cats skydiving commercial. Naturally, the Internet burst into flames after


Swedish Farmer Puts Turbo Charged Volvo Engine In His Tractor

Mikael240karlsson and his Swedish friends are true speed junkies. For their latest venture, they installed a turbo charged Volvo engine in


Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee Dubstep Commercial

World famous actor and comedian Will Ferrell teamed up with Old Milwaukee Beer to act in a slew of commercials to air in


Three Armed Wooden Robot Shell Game

You know the old cup and ball game where the player must find one ball under three cups? Well, Swedish


Monkeys And Synthesizers

What better way to promote your music festival on the Internet than with adorable monkeys?! That's exactly what the people


Jazz Band Uses Tractor Engine For Drum Beat

This video from the summer of 2010 had almost no views, until suddenly going viral this new year. A Swedish