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Swedish Football Player Swaps Shirts With Fan

The famous Swedish soccer player, Josefine Öqvist, traded shirts with a lucky fan at a recent match. The clip was played…

Man Scares Off Attacking Moose.

For those who have gone camping before, they know what to do if a bear comes in the camp. Group…

Truthful Swedish Army Recruiting Commercial

Commercials for the Armed Forces in America are overblown, dramatized, and many times fake. They add science fiction and dramatic music…

Crazy Swedish Breakfast

Swedish Meal Time spoofs the viral sensation Epic Meal Time. It's a similar concept, just a little crazier and Swedish. Today…

Swedish Meal Time

America isn't the only place with crazy people making crazy food. Here's the Swedish version of Epic Meal Time.

Little Swedish Kid Marching Copies Drill Guard Soldier On Duty

This cute mini soldier does his best to march and stand guard like the real soldier on guard duty. The…

Dancing Swedish Police Man

This police is nice enough to put on a little dance show for the tourist.



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