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Blowing Up A Computer

Have you ever been so frustrated with your computer working improperly that you just wanted to throw it out the


Asking For A Free Bus Ride While Dressed Rich VS Dressed Poor

Swedish social experiment YouTube channel STHLM Panda decided to test how people are treated differently based on how they dress. First, the host


Swedish Man Scares Off Charging Bear

What would you do if you were in the woods and a giant brown bear charged at you? You only


Swedish Sign Language Interpreter Puts On Epic Performance While Signing Concert

During this year's Eurovision contest in Sweden, Swedish singer Magnus Carlsson performed his hit song Möt mig i Gamla Stan. But it's


Swedish City Has Very Unique Way Of Saying ‘Yes’

'Yes' is one of the most universal words in the world. Nearly every country has some variation of the world of


Swedish Magician Performs Comedy Magic Act With Banana

Swedish comedian and magician Carl-Einar Häckner has been trending ever since he published this video of his performance at the Comedy Gala


One Man Band Swedish Street Musician Covers Star Wars Theme Song

The Force is quite strong with this man. In this trending video, street performer Anders Flanderz covers the world famous Star


Ten Year Old Girl Jumps Over Gates On All Fours Like A Horse

Swedish born Anna Salander is not your typical girl. Most ten year old girls prefer to play with toy ponies


Ping Pong Paddle Knife Throwing Trick

Swedish YouTube channel Tumba Ping Pong Show is trending online for their trick ping pong videos. This daring knife throwing trick


Hamster Drives 15 Ton Volvo Truck

At the start of the month, Volvo president Claes Nilsson went viral by brazenly standing on one of his new trucks


Swedish Football Player Swaps Shirts With Fan

The famous Swedish soccer player, Josefine Öqvist, traded shirts with a lucky fan at a recent match. The clip was played