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Swimming In Giant 1,500 Gallon Coca-Cola Swimming Pool

After apparently running out of ideas for a new video, TechRax decided to spend days and days with a buddy buying countless bottles


Lifeguard Rescues Girl In Wave Pool

This two month old video has only exploded online over the weekend, garnering over 750,000 hits. The Lifeguard Rescue video shows a


Corgi Dexter’s First Kiddie Pool Swim

Janelles Life published this adorable pet video a month ago, but it has only exploded online now, garnering over 400,000 views


Baby Swims Across Pool By Herself

Registered nurse Adam BC posted this video of his baby girl swimming last year, but it has only gone viral now over


Baby River Otter Learns To Swim

Most people are surprised to learn that baby otters don't instinctually know how to swim when they are born. Ironically, the water


‘Hallway Swimming’ In Canadian High School

Last Tuesday, Cpugs7 published this video under the simple title Hallway Swimming. In the short clip, a seemingly Canadian high school student


Swim Team Performs Underwater Harlem Shake Dance

When a meme like the Harlem Shake really takes off, you have to truly stick out from the rest of


Dog ‘Lifeguard’ Helps Puppy Out Of Pool

This week old video by pet channel PETSAMI went viral in the past few days, and now has over one million


Underwater Checkers

British news channel DiagonalUk brings us this report from the small village of Janeda, Estonia about some extreme checkers players. The club


Baby Hippos Goes Swimming For First Time

This video from 2008 just had a recent viral surge, amassing 100,000 view since March, and being featured on . Baby


Dog Dry Paddles When Held Over Bath Tub

Dogs are just natural swimmers. If you take a puppy even near water, they will often start 'dry swimming.' That's


Russian Cat Goes Swimming

Cats are well known for their hate of all things water, but, as usual, a very special cat has emerged