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Puppy Tries Swimming In Blowing Air

Dogs are born with the ability to swim. It's just part of their instincts that helped them survive for centuries.


High Diving Into A Kiddie Pool

Professor Splash jumps over ten meters into a kiddie pool at the University of Science and Technology in Norway. Is this


Ice Skating And Swimming Together In Norway

The Polar Bear Club has nothing on this dude. He ice skates on a frozen lake in Norway with nothing


Deep Sea Hunter Walks On Ocean Floor Holding Breath For Five Minutes

A Bajau fisherman free dives and holds his breath for almost three minutes to catch a fish on the ocean floor.


Bear Cub Plays In Bucket Of Water

Baby bear cubs like to go swimming. This little cub tries to take a dip in this tiny bucket of


Cute Baby Otters Go For Swim

Two baby otters are being taught to swim in a paddling pool at a local zoo. Can you get any


Cute Puppy Dog Swimming In The Air After Bath

After this dog learned to go swimming, his owner gave him a bath the next day. When he picked up


Cute Corgi Dog Belly Flops Into Water

This little dog is so cute, he's even wearing a life jacket. At first he's hesitant, but with some coercion


Girl Launched By Swimming Pool Blob

You at camp there's that huge water blob, that bounces people around? Well a girl is waiting on the blob,