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Bulldog Puppy Really Enjoys Swing at Playground

Bulldog Puppy Enjoys Swing We got another must watch cute video. This time the video is about an adorable bulldog


Guy Scores Epic Slam Dunk Off Jumping Off The Swing Set

As they say, men are just bigger, taller boys. This uncle proved just that by performing an epic slam dunk


Swinging On The Edge Of Tractor Shovel While It Rolls In Reverse

Videos originating in Russia are famous on the western Web for being strange and outrageous. But videos from the Middle


Montreal Swing Riot Dance Competition

The 1920's dance crazy swing is making a comeback! The Montreal Wwing Riot dance event recently held crossover and final rounds in


Ménage Quad ‘Listen To The Music’ Swing Hop Music Video

Unknown musical group Ménage Quad has exploded online in just a matter of days. The group calls themselves an "8


World’s Most Insane Rope Swing

Popular online videographer Devin Supertramp has again gathered up his friends in Utah for some serious rope swinging fun. It was


Dogs In Baby Swings Compilation

What's cuter than a baby swinging in a baby swing on a warm summer day? How about a puppy in


Super Mario Swing Dancing Wins Contest

Super Mario is loved by almost everyone, so when two dancers at the National Jitterbug Championships came out fully dressed


Corgi In A Swing

I know how this little dude feels. I miss the days of just swinging in a playground swing with not