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Clubbing Is Lame

Television, movies, and rap music have romanticized the concept of going to the dance club. But the truth is, the…

How To Text A Girl

It's no secret that most long distance flirting and chit-chatting has shifted from the traditional phone to texting.  But most…

Diary Of A TV Addict

Popular animator and story teller Swoozie returns to the web to talk about his TV addiction. Like so many of us,…

How You Know You Are In The ‘Friend-Zone’

Being 'friend-zoned' is a popular first world problem online. Most often, guys complain that the girl they like doesn't like…

Confessions Of A Disney Employee Part 2

Every now and then, popular YouTuber Swoozie drops some dirty laundry from when he worked at the Disney parks in Florida. After…

Textually Active

Popular animator/story teller Swoozie focuses on texting etiquette in his latest rant. He really hates it when he gets a text from a friend,…



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