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Ohio State Coach Anthony Schlegel Body Slams Fan Streaker

Uhh, everyone hates when a self-centered fan runs onto the field and disrupts an exciting game. That's exactly what happened…

Dallas Cowboy Tackles Cheerleader

Dallas Cowboys Tight End┬áJason Witten caught a short pass, and ran for the first down when he was chased out…

Desean Jackson Dunta Robinson Hurt Eagles VS Falcons

I don't get it. The game is tackle violent football. People get hurt smashing each other. Why are you shocked.┬áDesean…

Quarterback Andrew Luck Tackles Shareece Wright Stanford VS USC

The ball is fumbled and Shareece Wright picks it up. He's clobbered by Andrew Luck and the ball is fumbled…

Steelers Troy Polamalu Jumping Tackle, Sacks Titans Quarterback

Troy Polamalu jumps before the snap of the ball and takes down the quarterback. He never knew what hit him.



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