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Adorable 3 Year Old Taekwondo Student Recites Student Creed

If you want your kids to become true martial arts masters you have to start them off very young. West


Taekwondo Inspired ‘Ringa Linga’ Music Video Dance Cover

Korean martial arts group K-Tigers covered Taeyang's new K-Pop hit single Ringa Linga by incorporating what they know best into their choreography.  Taekwondo.  What


Chinese Toddler Girls In World’s Cutest Taekwondo Fight

YouTuber Weiyeu2 posted this adorable martial arts video nearly two years ago, but the clip has recently resurfaced, appearing on sites like


Extreme Taekwondo Trick Kicks

Red Bull, the sponsors of all things extreme, has again gone viral with this impressive martial arts video.  Over the


South Korean Actress Tae-Mi Performs Taekwondo First Pitch

Back in July, South Korean gymnast Shin Soo-Ji went viral on the English web after My Kbonet's video of her performing


Taekwondo Match Turns Into Dance Battle

Korean YouTuber 동훈 허 posted this hilarious martial arts video in February, but the clip is trending now more than ever after


Worst Taekwondo Martial Arts Demonstration Ever

This martial arts video has instantly gone viral, garnering over 1.7 million views in just one day. The clip has


Taekwondo Spiderman

Ginger Ninja Trickster published this video on the first of the year, but it has only gone viral now, amassing over


Five Year Olds Taekwondo Fight

To become a true martial arts master, you must begin training at a very young age. But if you start


Hand Becomes Taekwondo Master

Your hand may not seem like it can be dangerous, but just wait until you dress it up in a


Cute Baby Taekwondo Fight

You got to get them into it early to make taekwondo masters. But maybe this is too early. They are