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Never Ending Spinning Pillow

I imagine this guy having a job interview. "Under 'talents' you wrote 'pillow spinning' - what do you mean by


Shia LaBeouf Freestyles 5 Fingers of Death with Oswin Benjamin

Did you know that actor Shia LaBeouf also can rap? And I don't mean some old Salt'n'Pepper hits - he


5 Tests To Prove Your Uniqueness

This little collage of physical anomalies that are rare among humans by Mind Warehouse already got over 700.000 views within


Girl Spits Out Her Gum Then Sucks It Back In

This older clip from The Late Show With David Letterman has strangely started trending only now. Dave invited a woman


Waiter With Echo Talent

While drinking outside in Madeira, Portugal, Wouter van der Put stumbled upon a waiter with an extremely unique talent. The waiter somehow


‘Attraction’ Performs Shadow Dance On Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Finals

In April, shadow dance group Attraction exploded online after debuting on Britain's Got Talent. Already, the original piece has amassed


Bone Cancer Survivor Can Rotate Her Leg 180 Degrees Talent

Canadian YouTuber Joshea27 went through the terrible ordeal of bone cancer at a very young age in 2010. But she has


Homeless Man With Dancing Mustache Talent

Remember the viralviral video of the girl with a funny talent who could make her eyebrows dance? That video amazingly


Ryan Gosling Singing And Dancing At 1991 Talent Show

Brand new vintage video published by Rossana Odar has recently surfaced of the now ultra popular actor Ryan Gosling performing as


Girl Sings With Her Mouth Closed

This video from 2009 just had a viral surge now, being viewed more than 200,000 times since January. The video


Man Eats Apples While Juggling Them

Juggling is not that easy, but with practice, anything can be accomplished. This guy takes juggling to the next level.


Man Jumps 40 Ft In Small Kiddie Pool – America’s Got Talent

Professor Splash started on America's Got Talent jumping belly flop style into a kiddie pool. The judges and audience were