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John Oliver Olympics Opening Ceremony

The Olympic Games in Rio is finally here. As that's all everyone seems to be talking about, Last Week Tonight host


Jon Stewart Takes Over The Late Show

After disappearing into obscurity after stepping down from The Daily Show, Internet favorite John Stewart made a special apperance on


John Oliver On Endorsements

It seems like everyone has an endorsement these days. Even YouTubers and gamers have endorsements now. John Oliver has noticed this


Kit Harington Revealed Jon Snow’s Fate To Cop To Avoid A Ticket

Without a doubt, one of the hottest shows on TV today is Game of Thrones. Fans simply can't get enough.


Conan Stars In North Korea’s First Late Night Talk Show

Conan O'Brien has been having a blast in South Korea recently. For a number of clips, he has been joined by


Ellen Interviews ‘Damn Daniel’ And His Friend

In case you missed it, Daniel and Josh are two high-school students who exploded on Snapchat and online after Josh kept


Gordon Ramsay Really Doesn’t Like Girl Scout Cookies

Back in the day, Girl Scout Cookies were made at home by girl scouts and their scout leaders. But today, like


Kate McKinnon Impersonates Ellen On Ellen Show

Kate McKinnon is one of SNL's best actors. She is known for her hilarious impersonations of famous women, especially Hilary


Ronda Rousey Discusses Her UFC Upset Fight With Ellen

Ronda Rousey is one of the most famous MMA fighter in the country. Everyone thought her recent fight was an easy


Little Girl Who Cried That Adam Levine Is Married Meets The Star On Ellen

Remember the adorable little girl who threw a temper tantrum after hearing the news that Maroon 5 star Adam Levine


Late Night Talk Show Hosts Give Advice To Stephen Colbert

It wasn't that long ago when Stephen Colbert was a pretty obscure name in show business, known only to younger viewers


Seth MacFarlane Sings Cyndi Lauper As Stewie and Peter Griffin

As Ted 2 is set to debut in two weeks, Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg were guests on The Graham Norton Show