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Tyra Banks Analyses Male Video Gamers

Morgan Webb breaks down the three video gamer men on the Tyra Banks show. This is obviously coming from, and


Audience Going Crazy – Oprah’s Favorite Things 2010

Oprah gives away her favorite things every year. This being her last year, it's sure to be spectacular. Her audience


Audience Member Asks Where The Bathroom Is At Dutch Talk Show

That's pretty embarrassing. Aren't there people like ushers to help people who need to take a dump who are watching


Male Guest Throws Envelope At British Talk Show Host Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy Kyle is the English version of Maury Povich/ Jerry Springer. He brings a couple on his show and has


Bruce Willis Wears Meat Hat On Late Show With Dave Letterman

Bruce copies Lady Gaga, and wears a hamburger helmet hat. It looks good. Dave takes a bite.


Oprah Takes Audience To Australia With John Travolta

Oprah's started her last season with a huge bang. She's taking her entire studio audience to Australia. With John Travolta