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Russian Military Sherp ATV Is A Beast

Most people don't realize just how gigantic Russia is. And the climate is brutal. So the Russians can't just use any


How A Tank Crosses Trench Very Slowly And Very Quickly Couldn’t Be More Different

The tank was invented in the early 20th century just in time for two horribly devastating world wars. It was


Novak Djokovic Plays Tennis Against Tank

Serbian professional tennis player Novak Djokovic took on his greatest opponent to date at this year's Australian Open. Here's the thing, it


Arnold Schwarzenegger Runs Stuff Over With His Tank For Charity

Actor, bodybuilder, and governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has achieved a dream many have. To possess his very own tank. It's amazing what millions


Syrian Tank Shoots Directly At Recording Camera

The online video community is scratching its heads after watching this now viral video, published on YouTube by Lewaa Albaraa, of


Tanks Caravan Across Active Russian Beach

This new video that stands with over 350,000 views just doesn't get any more Russian-WTF. On a nice sunny day


Endless Military Train

It's easy to forget that America is at war literally all around the globe. This train pulling countless military vehicles


Dog In Tank Costume

Now that Halloween is just around the corner, it's time for the flood of online videos of people's costumes. But


Mayor Crushes Illegally Parked Cars With Tank

The mayor of Lithuania's capital,Vilnius, is a serious biker and hates when people park in the bike lane. To raise awareness


Tank Cannon Firing Recorded In Super Slow Motion

The T90 is Russia's tank more current tank, and boy does it have power. Just check out this video of


Cat Attacks Office In Mini Tank

Like so many countless cat videos online, I assumed this would just be a cute and end with that. Boy


Working Lego Starcraft Tank

The Siege Tank in the Starcraft world is a feared unit. In siege mode, the tank becomes immobile, but also extends