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Black Friday Pep Talk At Target Will Pump You Up

With so many great deals, Black Friday is considered the most busy shopping day of the year. It's also the


Ellen Hosts #AlexFromTarget

One day he was just a regular, sixteen year old minimum wage worker at Target, and the next day he became


Haunted Shopping Cart Prank At Target

Hilarious and creative Magician Rahat has again pulled a fast one for YouTube viewers to enjoy. With pre-approval from Target, he fashioned


Dressing As A Store Employee On Black Friday Prank

Many Americans take Black Friday very seriously, so naturally, Prank vs Prank had to take advantage of the special 'holiday.' In a genius


Better Names For Things For Sale At Target

The Tumblr loved nerd from Pleated Jeans loves to rename everyday objects with new, cutesy ones. For his latest mission, he went


Heavy Metal Rock Band Suicide Silence Gives Needy Children Toys For Christmas

As they always say, never judge a book by its cover. Suicide Silence may seem a little rough on the


Seniors Dance To Last Christmas At Target

Flash mobs are more for the young folk. Older people aren't interested in all that flash and jazz. They just


Shopping List Prank

Greg and Ryan from MediocreFilms played a little game for Black Friday. They each made each other a crazy shopping list,


Prankster Dresses In Old Man Costume, Farts On Target Shoppers

Our good friend Jack Vale is back with another great farting prank video. This time he wears an old man disguise, and


Fake Fart Prankster Gets Punched In The Face

Jack Vales is famous for his candid camera pranks. Sometimes he acts dumb, blows bubbles on people, or fake farts


Flash Mob Dancing To Beyonce End Of Time At Target

Target is a favored target for flash mobs. Ye, it just makes sense. This time a group led by todrickhall burst onto


Flash Mob At Target

For almost a month this video received little to no traffic. Now it has had a sudden surge of attention.