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Celebrities’ Tattoos Can Suck Horribly As Well

It might not be very chique to criticize your competitors, but the gloves come off when something is either very


$80 Tattoo Vs. $875 Tattoo

Uh, something other than food this time! But I'll make my "little" recent list nevertheless: After cake, Korean BBQ, salmon,


The History Of Tattoos

People have been getting tattooed for thousands of years. Many ancient cultures tattooed themselves to commemorate war, love, or travel. Over the


People Get Tattoos For The First Time

Have you ever contemplated getting a tattoo? It's a decision that should not be taken lightly. You have to live


What Makes Tattoos Permanent

Tattoos go back thousands of years in human history. But how exactly does the art work? As humans, we are


Dad Reacts To Son’s Tattoos Compilation

This awesome dad has no problem voicing his opinion about his son's tattoos. Ironically, it seems the young lad keeps


Man Implants Magnets Into His Wrist To Hold iPod Nano

There's always one person taking body modifications to the next level. If you thought the girl who works at Starbucks


Covering Full Body Tattoos Concealer Commercial

DermablendPro created this strange, and slightly disturbing commercial to show off how great their products are. They show a seemingly normal


Tattoo Stop Motion

This video from 2010 has recently become popular again. Through the magic of stop motion we can see a tattoo


Kid Freaks Out While Getting Tattoo

The famous freak out kids from wafflepwn that are most likely fake have released their latest video. As usual, one brother introduces


QR Code Tattoo Brings Tattoo To Life With Smart Phone

Paris Tattoo artist, K.A.R.L., thought of the first 'animated' tattoo. He inked a picture with a QR code on a


Man Tattoos Facebook Friends Profile Pics On His Arms

Anyone who uses Facebook knows that their 'friends' aren't permanent. In an instant you can make new friends, or lose