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Taylor Swift – I can’t hold all this success


Taylor Swift Answers 73 Questions

When you're a world famous pop star, boring questions suddenly become very interesting to the common folk. So it's no


Taylor Swift Lip Syncs ‘The Middle’ By Jimmy Eat World

We all have our rituals that we go through before leaving the house for the night. Apparently, Taylor Swift includes


Taylor Swift Falls On Her Face Running On Treadmill

It's hard for pop star Taylor Swift to sneeze without the Internet exploding. But this new ad she stars is trending


Taylor Swift And Kanye West Lyrics Swapped

Remember that whole kerfuffle with Kanye West and Taylor Swift when Kanye stole the mic from Taylor after she won


Julianne Moore, John Stamos, And James Corden Star In Soap Opera Written By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's lyrics might not be the best, but no other artist in the pop music world can top her


Todrick Hall Covers Taylor Swift’s Best Hits From 1989

Even if you aren't a fan of Taylor Swift it's nearly impossible to go anywhere without being exposed to her


Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Covered As Disturbed

Taylor Swift's latest smash hit single Bad Blood already has a twinge of rock to it hidden underneath all the pop. Anthony


Taylor Swift And Lisa Kudrow Perform ‘Smelly Cat’ During Concert

Nearly every Generation X and Millennial kid grew up watching Friends. Even if you're not a fan of the world famous show,


Taylor Swift Harry Potter Parody Mash Up

Weasley Sweaters is a talented actress who has a serious obsession with Harry Potter. For her latest project, she merged Harry


Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood In 20 Different Music Styles

The Internet finally has a new Taylor Swift song to obsess over. Bad Blood featuring Kendrick Lamar is less than two months old


Entire Graduation Class Breaks Out In Surprise ‘Shake If Off’ Dance

Most graduation ceremonies are long and boring featuring drawn out speeches with cliche lessons. Valedictorian Colin Yost of Portsmouth High School decided to