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Walk Off The Earth Covers Shake It Off

Indy rock band Walk off the Earth is known for their unique takes on pop music. Whenever they cover a song


Swiftamine Spoof Commercial For Adults Who Like Taylor Swift

Every adult knows they don't like Taylor Swift. The fact that they have never heard her music is irrelevant. That's


Kelly Clarkson Covers ‘Shake it Off’

Kelly Clarkson fans at her recent Buffalo, New York concert heard more than just Kelly originals. The original American Idol star covered


John Cleese Insults Taylor Swift’s Cat

Everyone knows that the Internet has a huge obsession with both cats and pop princess Taylor Swift. So it's no


Taylor Swift Sings Adele “Someone Like You” With Cancer Patient

Over the summer, SuperGlue underwent a bone marrow transplant due to leukemia. To raise his spirits, Taylor Swift made a surprise visit in


Fraternity Performs Epic ‘Shake It Off’ One Take Lip Dub

The frat brothers of Delta Sigma Phi - Beta Mu at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky have become instant Internet stars. After having


Dad And Daughter Perform Adorable Dance To ‘Shake It Off’

Jprinder and his young daughter love dancing to new pop music hits. Their latest silly dance has exploded online with over 3.3 million views!


Taylor Swift Surprises Fan, Shows Up At Her Bridal Shower

When you send a giant world-wide pop star like Taylor Swift an invitation to your wedding, you don't really expect


Taylor Swift Attacked By Ryu At Grammys Headbanging Mash Up

Taylor Swift's headbanging during her Grammy performance quickly went viral.   YouTuber Twisted Genre spoofed the 'spaz-out' by digitally adding Ryu from Street


Overly Attached Girl Recites Taylor Swift Lyrics

Laina, better know as the Overly Attached Girlfriend online, has returned to enlighten Taylor Swift fans.  After reciting lyrics from


Parents Surprise Daughter With Taylor Swift Concert Detour While Driving To Dinner

What American girl doesn't love Taylor Swift? Chase sure does. But being a kid with no money or car, she


Jimmy Eat World Covers “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” By Taylor Swift

It's not easy to transform a mundane pop song into something much bigger, but it seems like Jimmy Eat World did