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Teach Me How To Brushy PSA – Dentists Make ‘Dougie’ Parody Music Video

To spread brushing awareness in a fun, hip way to children, the Oregon Dental Association created this fun brushing themed spoof of…

Jewish Wedding Dougie Remix

Hasidic Jews are famous for their long black coats, white shirts, curled locks, and, most of all, their crazy dancing at…

Kate Upton Dances Dougie At Clippers Game

Kate Upton is a famous Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret model. Now she's a famous dancer. At a Clippers game, Kate…

Panda Dances Teach Me How To Dougie Full

Did you know pandas can break it down? And hard! Pandas dance to Teach Me How To Dougie like bosses.

Wolf Blitzer Dougie Dance Soul Train Awards

Wolf Blitzer makes an appearance at the Soul Train Awards, and learns how to do the Dougie dance. White and…

John Wall Dances Dougie Intro To Game

John Wall of the Washington Wizards dances the Teach Me How To Dougie dances at his intro to the game.

Snuggie Dougie Spoof – Teach Me How To Snuggie

Yes, let the parodies pour. A parody spoof of the Teach Me How To Dougie using Snuggies. Get it? Very…

Teach Me How To Bucky – University Of Wisconsin Madison Bucky Dougie Spoof Music Video

A bunch of white guys from the University Of Milwaukee rap a hip hop song with hot preppy white girls about…

Fresh Prince Carlton Banks Dances The Teach Me How To Dougie Dance

Where did the Teach Me How To Dougie dance really originate? From Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air! Carlton's…

Asian Dad Teaches How To Dougie Dance

Dads are getting famous online for being so nerdy and dorky it's cool. Here's another example where a nerdy dad…

Chris Brown Performs ‘Teach Me How To Dougie’ Dance

I don't know what this dance is, but I have a feeling it's going to be like that Superman song…


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