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Drone Fails Compilation

We're quite the fan of compilations here at ViralViralVideos (hence our recurring fail, news bloopers or cute pets compilations), but…

Road To Machu Picchu In 4K

It's not a secret that Machu Picchu is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Going there must be…

Surprising Drone Flight Over Los Angeles

Watching your surroundings through an aerial view is cool and all, but be careful where you go. Drones aren't exactly…

How To Stop Kids From Playing With Your Phone

A lot of crying is going on here. Young children and electronics are at an unprecedented level in our societies,…

Pets And An Amazon Echo Aren’t The Best Combination

If you're trying to save on the electricity bill, that is. If you just want to have a laugh or…

Be The First To Buy The iPhone X

A fake one though, but that's just a minor detail. [embed][/embed]

Phone Alarm Robot

Hate to be waked up by your alarm?! Instead of not setting it, try this revolutionary robot! [embed][/embed]

How To Eat A Huge Sandwich

The solution is actually very simple, but the food might not be as appealing anymore. [embed][/embed]

Primitive Technology: Sandals

Human were barefoot mostly, but if they only knew this... [embed][/embed]

New iPhone Coming Soon

Somehow my iPhone just breaks down when a new one is available.

iMessage Emergency

If technology bails on you, you'll have to go back in time a bit.

5 Hacks To Try If Your Phone Is Your Life

If your phone is practically glued to your hand, this very scientific life hack video is for you! [embed][/embed]


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