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The Relationship Simulator Bed

Can't find a partner, just out of a relationship, or just longing for some company? This is the bed for you!


Undercover In A Chinese iPhone Factory

A lot has already been said about the conditions in cheap labor factories, but this undercover guy gives us some


Drone Does The Best Trick Shots!

Technology is everywhere today. So let's use it in a useful way and make a drone score some insane trick


Update On Casey Neistat’s Beme Company

Casey updates us regularly on his life and businesses, and in this one he explains an important step forward for his


Let’s Have A Look Inside The Most Unbreakable Phone Ever

Nokia mobile phones were everywhere a decade ago. They were reliable, the battery lasted for centuries and you could play


When AI Is Taking Over The Neighborhood

This cute little girl doesn't seem concerned at all about the progression of Artificial Intelligence. She embraces every new visitor


This One Is For The Virtual Reality Buffs

Virtual Reality is upon us, and it is getting more sophisticated every day. Have a look at this video where


iPhone 7 gets smashed with hydraulic press

Apple announced a new way for you to get rid of a few hundred bucks and every time there is