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Kangaroos in the Snow

23 August, 2019

Nailed It

21 August, 2019



Baby Dancing To ‘Turn Down For What’ Is The Cutest

DJ Snake's hit techno song starring Lil' Jon Turn Down For What isn't just for teens and dancers at night clubs.


Techno PVC Pipe Instrument Street Performance

Jake, also known as The Pipe Guy, has gone viral with this epic performance he put on at Rundle Mall in Adelaide,


Robotboys And Poppin John Perform Inhuman Robo-Dance

Danish dance crew Robot Boys take 'pop and locking' robot dancing to the nth degree. They even won back in 2008, with


Shawarma Master Works To Mortal Kombat Theme Song

Great Russia just posted this video of a very talented kebab stand worker in Mother Russia. As the line cook built


San Cisco Covers Daft Punk ‘Get Lucky’

Daft Punk's newest hit single Get Lucky continues to trend on top of the YouTube charts. San Cisco has gone viral over the


Kittens On The Beat Action Music Video

The crazy action and visual effects masters at Corridor Digital have instantly gone viralviral with their new Kittens On The Beat video that has


Now Or Never Moments Music Video

The new hit single NOW OR NEVER MOMENTS by Outa Sight is quickly garnering attention. Besides for just the music, the video for the song is


Chick ‘N’ Mix – BBC Techno Chicken Music Video

BBC Comedy newcomer Pat Cahill stars in this outrageous chicken themed music video, Chick 'N' Mix. In some type of techno rap


LMFAO Killed The Shuffle Dance

This video published by Cyatek just went viral after being featured on Reddit. The video, titled LMFAO Killed Shuffle, is a public


Tap Dancing Techno Remix Of Crave You On The Beach

Tap dancing fusion artists TapTronic has exploded onto the 'net with their first video remix of Crave You by Flight Facilities. Ciaran Plummer and Zach


Graham Coxon – What’ll It Take Music Video

Graham Coxon's latest techno rock song has gone viral with it's out of this world music video, What'll It Take. Eighty-five


Techno Beat Made From Household Sounds

YouTube newcomer AndrewShumMusic just started his new channel, and he has already gone viral. With his second video, he made a rocking



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