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How WhatsApp Was Being Used In The ’80s

Did you know WhatsApp has been around for decades? Ever wonder what it looked like back in the day? Well


Revolutionary App For Blocking People

This revolutionary app idea sounds like it actually might work. People are already stalking Instragram, Facebook and so many other


Robots Will Steal Your Job

Maybe you think that's nice, but enjoy it while you still can. [embed][/embed]


Pay Attention Or Look Like A Fool

Your choice. Act normal or fail miserably. [embed][/embed]


Let’s Have A Look Inside The Most Unbreakable Phone Ever

Nokia mobile phones were everywhere a decade ago. They were reliable, the battery lasted for centuries and you could play


When AI Is Taking Over The Neighborhood

This cute little girl doesn't seem concerned at all about the progression of Artificial Intelligence. She embraces every new visitor


Nintendo Switch Console Taken Apart

It seems as if Nintendo just got another hit (after the Wii U didn't quite perform... at all). The "Nintendo


Dude Perfect Have A Virtual Reality Battle

It is like the guys from Dude Perfect have an ongoing video battle. This one is one of the favorites


VR Lets You Drive Through Your Own Sandcastles

Driving through gigantic sandcastles - Audi made this dream come true by real time scanning and VR technology, letting people


What Minority Report Computers Would Really Be Like

A few years ago the shown technology in "Minority Report" was a reference for "the future". What it would look


Amazing Demonstration Of Boston Dynamics Robot Handle

Boston Dynamics introduces us to another reason, that we will soon lose against the uprising machines... o.O Over 1.7 million


Making Music On Bananas

Unbox Therapy says that "you've never seen bananas do this...". Did you? At least over 800,000 people already did for