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HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 Commercial

The HTC HD7 is a  Windows Phone 7 that has a 4.3'' crisp screen and even has a pull out stand


Girl Hits Every Switch In Future Apartment, Gets Stuck Under Couch – Stella Artois Commercial

This guys date is intrigued by his hi tech apartment with cool switches. While he goes to get a beer,


Nokia N8 Commercial – Hamster Powered Phone Charger

This commercial shows a bunch of crazy things you can do with the new Nokia N8. But I highly doubt that


Reshaping Humans In Video

This video shows a system for quick and easy manipulation of the body shape and proportions of a human actor in


Thailand Anti-Cell Phone Commercial: Disconnect To Connect

In this commercial, we are shown person after person alone on their smart phones, with objects that seem to move


eLeg exoskeleton By Berkeley Bionic

The new eLeg is now giving people who are paralyzed true freedom again to walk. These scientist are heroes.


Skype For Android Phone

Now all that Apple Face Time talk seems like rubbish. Skype away for cheap to your friends all over the globe


Apple iPhone 4 Retina Display – Every TV Ad

The iPhone 4's Retina display is the highest resolution phone screen,ever. Which means all your photos, movies, emails, and even


Google TV Apps – Watch Streaming TV When You Want

Finally, this is what everyone born after 1980 thought TV should be. TV streaming, what you want, when you want


Epic Light Show On Neoclassical Building

This light show is awesome. On a Neoclassic building reminiscent of the White House, huge projectors give a show. Fish


Father And Son Send Camcorder Into Space!

This father and son team set out to do the coolest homemade science experiment ever. After months of research and


Asian Multi Cell Phone Light Up Wedding Proposal

These super nerds take tons of cell phones and proper algorithms to makes the coolest self made light up show