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Volvo Pedestrian Avoidance Test Fail

Volvo is a champion of safety technologies. They are testing their new pedestrian braking system, but I'm not sure if


Black Berry Play Book

The iPad Black Berry rival is here. The Playbook does basically the same thing as every slate/pad computer.


Green Pizza Box Tears Into Four Plates And Mini Storage Box

I'm sure all pizza boxes will follow suit. The top of the classic pizza box tears into four serving plates,


Mozilla Seabird Concept Phone

Like concept cars, this is a little over the top. Most functions will probably not be available on the finished


What Would Happen If You Put Your Hand In The Hadron Collider

Scientist are asked the ultimate question. What would happen if you touch the beam of protons in the Hadron Collider?


Credit Card Of The Future

This may well be the credit card in the future for everyone. For security, you must type in a personal


Internet For 2010 Nobel Peace Prize

I always thought people won the noble peace prize, but a bunch of people are teaming up together to nominate


Spray On Clothing

Some genius has to much time on his hands and created spray on clothes. It's not spray paint, but a


Nokia E7 Smart Phone Commercial

Move over iPhone and Blackberry. Nokia E7 is coming to slay thee. The E7 has a glorious glass touch screen,


Man Hits Fly With iPad – Newsday App Commercial

iPads are great to read the news just like a news paper. you may get so used to the iPad


Arc Attack Electric Iron Man Behind The Scenes

Here's a special behind the scenes clip of Arc Attack who played Iron Man on America's Got Talent. They practice


YouTube Instant

Google just debuted Google Instant. You type and the search happens in real time. Well a super computer genius nerd