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Ted Williams Man With Golden Voice One Year Later Update

Anyone with an Internet connection has heard of the Man With The Golden Voice, Mr. Ted Williams. Just one year


Ted Williams Man With Golden Voice Visits Occupy Wallstreet

Not that many big time celebrities are coming out in support of the Occupy movement. Kanye West visited, but didn't


Ted Williams On Jimmy Fallon

Ted Williams, the famous man with the Golden voice, talks with Jimmy Fallon about his story and steps to fame.


Ted Williams Kraft Macaroni Commercial

Honestly, this commercial is just another annoying mac and cheese commercial. But at the end the famous man with the


Ted Williams Opens Today Show

Ted Williams seems to be the new Antoine Dodson of 2011. His fame continues as he is featured on NBC's


Ted Williams Man With Gold Radio Voice On Early Show

Ted Williams, the man with the golden radio voice has gone viral in just a couple days. Millions have seen


Homeless Man With Golden Voice On CNN

CNN heard about the homeless man with the golden voice viral video. They cover a story about how Ted Williams


Homeless Man With Perfect Radio Voice Ted Williams

Like the man says, radio is theatre of the mind. Your mind paints a picture of what that perfect voice