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Peek A Boo Teddy Bear With Ripped Off Face Is From Your Nightmare

Are you a parent who is sick of those peek-a-boo teddy bears that replay the same message? TwoHeads666 somehow took an innocent toy


Munchkin Dog Wearing Teddy Bear Costume Adorably Exercises On Treadmill

It was only two weeks ago when Munchkin the Shih Tzu hit the web wearing a homemade teddy bear costume made


Shih Tzu Dressed As Teddy Bear Is The Cutest

What's cuter than an adorable little Shih Tzu? How about a cute puppy dog wearing a precious teddy bear costume.


Orphan Pony Sleeps With Teddy Bear

This adorable baby pony was discovered abandoned at Dartmoor National Park, just south of Devond, England. By the time animal control


25,000 Teddy Bear Toss At Junior Hockey Game

Throwing anything onto an NHL ice rink during a game can be cause for penalty. Thankfully, junior hockey doesn't take itself too


Thousands Of Teddy Bears Thrown Onto Hockey Rink For Charity

It has become a tradition for fans of the Canadian hockey team Calgary Hitmen to partake in an annual teddy