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Teens React To Malala Yousafzai

Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai was only eleven years old when she first spoke out for girl's educational rights in Pakistan. Since


Molly Kate Kestner Sings ‘His Daughter’

No name teen Molly Kate Kestner has only gone viral now with this week old original song. Molly sings His Daughter, and


The Teenage Brain Explained

For most people, the teenage years of life are a time of anxiety and pimples. It's not that much fun. 


Phonetic Descriptions Of The Annoying Sounds Teenagers Make

Everyone knows the 'sounds' a typical teenager will make when dealing with adults. But it takes a true linguist to


High School Senior Asks Kate Upton Out To Prom

Asking out big time celebrities has become somewhat of a thing online. Hopeful singles have gone viral asking out NBA


British Teenagers On American Football And The NFL

The whole world calls soccer football, as it is a game you play with your foot. Makes sense. But we


Horde Of Teenage Girls Stampede Victoria’s Secret Black Friday 2012

It's become a Black Friday tradition now, not to actually go shopping, but to check the web for the expected


Amanda Todd Canadian Teen Publishes Note Card Story Before Committing Suicide From Bullying

Terrifyingly, it seems the "post an emotional note card video before committing suicide as a result of bullying" trend is


Dry Teenage Magician-Comedian Kyle Eschen Performs At World Magic Awards

Stand up comedy is hard enough, but mixing dry, awkward, yet intellectually stimulating humor with magic is a level few can attain.


Teenager Reacts To Seeing Record For First Time

Kids growing up in this new digital age are experiencing a brave new, unexplored world. But one always needs to appreciate the


Teens Destroy, Trash Big Box Stores

Horribly spoiled entitled kids actually thought it would be fun to create a YouTube channel dedicated to making messes in big box stores. They