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Animojis Takeover TV

As if we haven't got enough emojis in our life, they are taking over tv now as well! I'm not


America’s Navy Skateboard Big Air Final | X Games Minneapolis 2017

In case you missed it - this is a full broadcast of nothing but skating! [embed][/embed]


How To Avoid Game Of Thrones Spoilers

Just kill everyone who has seen the latest episode before you. [embed][/embed]


The Incredible Story Behind Rick And Morty’s Music

The Rick and Morty score is spot on, but do you know the guy who's behind it all? [embed][/embed]


She’s Had It Up Till Here With Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan, either hate him or love him. This woman hates him, but has to remain serious and professional. Her


The Greatest Wish

This guy's greatest wish turns into an interesting peek in how television actually works. Cool stuff! [embed][/embed]


News Anchor Drops His Career On The Floor

When you make a mistake on live television, it's best to make a silly joke out of it. This news


Is Binge Watching Bad For You?

How many hours did you spend on Netflix or any other binge watching platform the last 24 hours? Chances are,


This Animal Coverband Gives The Ducktales Theme Song Their Best Shot

If you don't miss the Ducktales--there's the door. We go to great lengths to find anything that reminds us of


If The People In Commercials Were Actually Real People, And Not Actors

There are no authentic people in commercials. Fact. But what if? This video shows you what would likely happen. You'd


The Upcoming Power Rangers Movie Is Definitely A Bad Idea And This Trailer Shows Us Why

The reboot of the once so powerful Power Rangers are made possible by some people lusting for extra cash, so


The Family Behind The Viral BBC Video Speaks Out

You must have seen this BBC interview with college professor Robert Kelly, or at least, the wreckage of it. Things