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Jon Stewart Post 9/11/2001 Speech

Like Jon Stewart admits, every show after 9/11 gave a speech before starting. Here is Jon Stewart's speech the day


House Fall 2010 Trailer

House and Cuddy have always had chemistry. This season they will finally do what America has been waiting for. They


World Trade Center 7 Before Collapse 9/11/01

Here is news footage from New York CBS local news channel 2. The skeptics ask why WTC 7 fell when no


Russian Plane Crash Landing In Woods

A large plane was having electrical problems and had to divert to another airport to land. It didn't make it


Girl Launches Watermelons, Smashes Her Own Face – The Amazing Race

From the new season of the Amazing Race, CBS tweeted this brutal video. This girl has to launch watermelons with


Prince Poppycock Sings American Patriotic Songs Montage – America’s Got Talent TOP 10 9/7/10

Prince Poppycock sings American classic songs to get the patriotic vote. The Star Spangled Banner, Yankee Doodle, and more! If


Jackie Evancho Sings Pie Jesu Classic Opera Song – America’s Got Talent TOP 10 9/7/10

Jackie Evancho sings beautiful opera again. She receives another standing ovation. This maybe the 2010 AGT winner. The song is


Cher Lloyd – This Morning Interview

Cher Lloyd blew the world away with her performance of Turn My Swagger On by Soulja Boy. Now she's interviewed on television because


Studio One Young Beast Society Dance – America’s Got Talent TOP 10 9/7/10

Studio One Young Beast Society give it all they got and it pays off.


Taylor Mathews What A Wonderful World Louis Armstrong – America’s Got Talent TOP 10 9/7/10

Taylor Mathews plays acoustic guitar and sings What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. He makes his own arrangement of


Michael Grasso Double Magic Trick – America’s Got Talent TOP 10 9/7/10

Michael Grasso seems to make his assistant change places with him. But instead she changed into his clothes, and he


Jeremy Vanschoonhoven Bike Tricks – America’s Got Talent TOP 10 9/7/10

Jeremy Vanschoonhoven the front wheel off his bike to make his tricks even more difficult. Music by Jason Derulo -