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Severe Hail Storm In Gatlinburg, Tennessee Is shocking

Even though summer only technically starts on the 21st, it already feels like summer now that June is here and


Fireworks Super Store Burns In Tennssee

A fireworks superstore caught fire after July Fourth in Caryville, Tennessee. The fire occurred at the Huntsville-Oneida exit. Thankfully, no


Little Girl Shocks Flea Market With Her Blues Performance

When you think of the blues a little girl is the last person to come to mind. But that's exactly


Famous YouTuber To Dance With Pet Raccoon, Mark Brown Is Running For Tennessee Governor In 2014

Mark "Coonrippy" Brown of the YouTube channel Swamp Music has gone viral in the past for his pet raccoon videos and the


Dad With Young Daughter On Theme Ride: Never Again!

You can just see in this father's eyes that he is not a happy camper being strapped into the Screaming


George Takei Fire Side Chat Concerning New Tennessee Anti-LGBT Bills

George Takei is back again to stand up to the bigoted legislature in Tennessee. Three anti-gay bills sponsored by Stacey Campfield, John Ragan,


Joe Adams Amazing Punt Return Touch Down Against Tennessee

Arkansas was already up 7-0 against Tennessee as the first quarter was about to end. But with only 40 seconds


Disney Surprise Fail, Kids Would Rather Go To Chattanooga

Like so many other YouTuber parents, The Rlzeller0522 couple thought it would a fun idea to surprise their kids with a Disney


Pastor Gives Car Themed Prayer At Nascar

Nascar is often mocked as a 'redneck sport'. People say it's just cars driving around in a circle. Even South


Police Car Accidently Hits Bear Cub

So you're a Tennessee deputy policeman finishing up a late night patrol of the back roads. You might be looking


George Takei Responds To Tennessee No Say ‘Gay’ Bill

Tennessee has been in the spot light recently over their new, so called, Don't Say Gay Bill. If passed, teachers