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Thai Hero Helps Photographers Stuck In Mud

Two photographers were in Thailand attempting to get some up close and personal photos after a serious flood, but ended


Dog Repays Man’s Kindness In The Best Way Possible In Thai Commercial

Commercials in Thailand are not like those in the West. Frequently, companies will commission sweet and touching short stories that


How To Eat Thai food

 Thai food is becoming more and more popular in America. But Thai food doesn't have the same table rules as


Why This Boy Plays Guitar Will Make You Misty Eyed

His peers mock him because he isn't very good at playing the guitar or singing. But that doesn't stop this


Never Ending Stampede Of Ducks In Thailand

It's not uncommon for duck farmers to herd their ducks through different parts of town in the rural parts of


Woman Sings Elephant To Sleep With Lullaby

Thai elephant caretaker Lek takes her job very seriously. She's basically the big mama for all of the elephants. Just


Thai Magician Bie The Ska’s Tricks Compilation Will Blow Your Mind

Like so many others, Thai magician Bie The Ska loves to use Vine and Instagram to post short CGI-influenced magic videos. 


Unsung Hero Thai Commercial Will Melt Your Heart

This commercial, titled Unsung Hero, from Thai Life has gone viral with over 2.7 million hits in just one week! The touching ad features


Thai Short Film ‘My Beautiful Woman’ About Mother And Daughter Will Leave You Misty Eyed

Thailand is famous online for their unorthodox commercials. Instead of fast paced, 30 second adverts, Thai companies often create longer


Powerful Thai Short Film Commercial ‘Giving’ Will Make You Cry

As the viral community has seen before, South Eastern countries often advertise much differently than in the West. They don't


Thai Pile Driver Consists Of Workers Dancing On Beam

The web loves finding outrageous and out of the box MacGyverisms found around the world, such as the recently viral Russian


Asian Gamer Takes Arcade Gun Game Very Seriously

Most gamers like to play gun games at the arcade because of the added realism. But no one takes it