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Old Lady Inspires Passersby To Dance To Twist And Shout On The Streets Of Brighton

Remember the classic scene in Ferris Beauller when the entire city of Chicago danced to Twist And Shout by The Beatles?


Pianist Performs John Lennon’s Imagine After Paris attacks

The entire Western world has been grappling with the horrific news of the multiple terror attacks that occurred on Friday


Brain Surgery Patient Plays Guitar And Sings Yesterday By The Beatles During Procedure

Brazilian Anthony Kulkamp required a very delicate and dangerous brain surgery to remove a tumor. Since the procedure was so dangerous,


Crowd Sings John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ At Charlie Hebdo Unity March

Millions of people took the streets in unity marches and rallies across France to honor the 17 victims of the Charlie


After Mom Passes Away After Birth, Dad Plays ‘Blackbird’ For Premature Newborn Son

This heartbreaking story has instantly gone viral. Chris Picco's wife tragically passed away in her sleep after giving birth to their


Artist ‘Draws’ The Beatles With Pancake Batter

Pancake artist Nathan Shields published this incredible art video in the summer, but it has only gone viral now with over


If The Beatles Became Famous During The Social Media Age

The Beatles were ahead of their time when they became world famous in the 1960's. But what if they were


Two Year Old Performs “Don’t Let Me Down” With Dad

There's not much cuter than a baby musician. This two year old tyke is already getting a hang of the


‘Imagine’ And ‘Band On The Run’ Mash Up

Mark Vidler admits this mash up piece is "deliberately tempo altered and manipulated digital pop music." But that's not necessarily a bad thing.


The Beatles One Minute Mash Up

Chad Neidt, the web's one and only one minute mash up master, has returned with beat boxer Bronkar Lee for his


Beatles Flash Mob At Spanish Unemployment Office

The world is going through hard times. Austerity measures have been put in place across Europe, hitting countries like Greece and Spain


Heart Broken Father Covers Let It Be To Raise Money For His One Year Old Son Diagnosed With Cancer

Mike Massé received the worst possible news a father could hear when he was informed on July 5th that his eleven month