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Will Cable TV Ever Be Free?

24 December, 2020



Vazquez Sounds Covers Let It Be

Mexican family band Vazquez Sounds is back with another fantastic cover music video. They take on a classic that's been covered and…

Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper, Weird Al Perform Come Together

What did you have at your New Year's Eve party? A bunch of friends and dip? Maybe you went out…

22 Beatles Songs With The Word Love Mash Up

Even if people don't want to admit it, the Beatles really are a hippie band. They sing about peace, harmony,…

Young People Don’t Know The Beatles

Young people on the streets on New York are asked about The Beatles and the Fab Four. They know nothing…

Ob La Di Ob La Da Cover Music Video In One Take

A huge group of musical friends got together to perform a Beatle's Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da cover in one take. They make…

One Direction All You Need Is love – The X Factor

Beatles week seems to fit boy band One Direction like a glove. Will they meet their potential? From the start…

Matt Cardle Come Together – The X Factor 2010

Matt Cardle changes things up adding back up dancers behind him. He goes sexy and it works. The crowd is…

Will Ferrell Manny Pacquiao Sing Beatle’s Imagine

Will Ferrell and Manny Pacquiao sing Imagine by the Beatles on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The Beatles, Joan Jett, Cypress Hill, House of Pain, Rage Against The Machine – Mash Up Mix Hybrid

The maybe one of the coolest mash ups I've heard. Mix of I Love Rock And Rock, Come Together, Wake Up, Insane…



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