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The Dictator Holds Press Conference

Chanting 'Death to the West' in place of the traditional 'God bless America,' The Dictator graced Western journalists in New…

The Dictator On Australia’s Today Morning Show

NSFW - language, content Sacha Baron Cohen's latest project is The Dictator. Even though it isn't really a secret that…

Sacha Baron Cohen The Dictator Spills Kim Jong Il’s ‘Ashes’ On Ryan Seacrest

World famous pranksterĀ Sacha Baron Cohen went to the 2012 Academy Awards Oscars as The Dictator, his latest character and star…

Sacha Baron Cohen Stars In The Dictator Trailer

Sacha Baron Cohen, the world famous prankster and troll most popular for his Borat character, stars in his latest film,…



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