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Samuel L Jackson and The Force


Jedi Force Prank At Hot Dog Stand

Years before we had the Internet, nerds were making homemade Star Wars movies. Now that special effects and the Internet


Harry Potter VS Star Wars Action Short Film

Nerds online are celebrating over this brand new action video by special effects studio RackaRacka. The short film features two


Using The Force To Open Elevator Doors Prank

The Jester Lads used the elevators at King's College London to prank unknowing students. While one prankster dressed as a menacing Jedi rode the


Empire’s Anti-May The 4th Holiday PSA

For years, May 4th has been acknowledged as a nerdy Star Wars holiday based on the similarities of 'May of


Jedi Kitten Uses The Force In The House

Over a year and a half ago, Final Cut King debuted their adorable Jedi Kittens series. Finally, they have returned to satisfy


Every Time “The Force” Is Said In The Star Wars Films Super Cut

As millions of kids have learned, The Force in the Star Wars universe is a very serious metaphysical power that


Star Wars Dark Side Dubstep

Darth Sidious and Darth Vader are the evil leaders of the Galactic Empire. They are famous for killing people with