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Andy’s Opening At The Emmys 2015

Now that fall is almost here, a new season a awesome television shows are starting again. And that means it's time


Hugs Music Video By Lonely Island And Pharrell

The Internet is giddy that comedy-music group The Lonely Island has debuted two new music videos after appearing on SNL this


When Will The Bass Drop Music Video

It's been a while, but popular comedy-music group The Lonely Island has finally returned with a brand new SNL Digital Short. As


Everything Is Awesome The Lego Movie Theme Song

The Lego Movie has grabbed the attention of both kids and adults.  The movie's outrageous theme song, Everything Is Awesome, maybe silly,


The Lonely Island SPELL IT OUT Music Video

Have you noticed they spell a lot in hip hop and rap? As a part of their #WackWednesday, The Lonely Island parodied


The Lonely Island Semicolon

NSFW Warning language Web favorite The Lonely Island has debuted their second video of YouTube Comedy Week. The hilarious rap group


Andy Samberg Opening Monologue At Independent Spirit Awards

NSFW - laguage  The 2013 Independent Spirit Awards were held last Saturday, and aired on IFC. SNL famous Andy Samberg opened with


The Lonely Island YOLO Music Video

Web favorite The Lonely Island started off as a small name on SNL with Andy Samberg as the leader. Now, they


Best Man Makes I’m In A Wedding Spoof Of Lonely Island I’m On A Boat

In 2009, The Lonely Island became a permanent part of Internet history with their ultra popular I'm On A Boat rap song. Since


Lonely Island Talks To YouTube

Akiva, Jorma, and Andy of the The Lonely Island have a Q&A with YouTube and talk about life, videos, success,


Rihanna And Andy Samberg In Shy Ronnie

Rihanna joins Andy Samberg in a musical skit called Shy Ronnie. Shy Ronnie and Rihanna run into a bank and


Lonely Island Rap With Michael Bolton About Clubbing And Pirates Of The Caribbean

The lonely Island start rapping a hardcore club track about the girls and drinks. They have the musical artist Michael