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Dwight Meets Asian Jim On The Office

Since its inception, NBC's The Office has been a popular hit with Steve Carrell's Michael Scott character as the center


Rain Wilson Performs Dwight Meme Explaining How Facebook Posts Are False

Actor Rainn Wilson, famous from The Office, teamed up with College Humor to make a fantastically meta video with all the


The Office


Perfect Layout Of The Office In First Person Shooter Video Game Form

This video from a little over a year ago just went viral now. Blitzkrieg1981 says they spent at least 500 hours


Leslie David Baker From The Office Stars In 2 Be Simple Music Video

The name Leslie David Baker may not sound familiar, but his face is a favorite for any fan of The Office. Yes,


The Office Recut As A Drama About Dangerous Toby

This video from January has had a recent surge in popularity. Throughout the story of The Office, Michael Scott has


Famous TV Show Characters Visit The Office Emmy Skit

Even thought Steve Carrell didn't win an Emmy for his amazing job as Michael Scott, the Emmys did acknowledge the


80’s Style Intro Of The Office

The Original intro to The Office has a strange feel to it. It's almost timeless. It doesn't follow all the


The Ministry – Afghanistan Version Of The Office

One thing America is good at is exporting entertainment. Many countries take shows like America's Got Talent and American Idol,


80’s Recut Of The Office Intro

Sitcoms in the 80's all had the same formula, cheesy laughter, horrible special effects, and standard upbeat piano music. If


Steve Carell Meets Ricky Gervais On The Office

Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, meets his British self David Brent, played by Ricky Gervais, the original creator of The


The Office Season 7 Sneak Peek Preview Cold Open

The staff from The Office sing a little lip dub. What can we expect from season 7 from one of