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Compost-Fueled Cars The Onion Mock Ted Talk Speech

Nerds just can't get enough of intellectually stimulating TED Talks. But often, the ideas of changing the world are just


Onion Nature Show – Earth Has Unlimited Natural Gas

You may have been hearing a lot recently how we've discovered vast, vast amounts of cheap, clean natural gas that


Breaking Story So New, Reporter Has No Information Yet

With today's 24 hour cable news cycle, the news has evolved into a monster unrecognizable to the respected establishment it


Autistic Reporter Doesn’t Understand Why It’s Sad When American Troops Are Killed, But Not Taliban Troops

Faux news channel The Onion--not to be confused with Fox New Channel--hit a viral home run with their latest 'news report' from


Woman Sets Record For Longest Amount Of Time Spent Talking About Oneself

TheOnion mock news segments are always popular online. Their latest is about a woman we all know. Linda Johnston. She just made


Tom Hanks Wants The Onion To Receive Pulitzer Prize

The Onion is a faux newspaper that has grown leaps and bounds in popularity the past decade. With most 'real'