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Dawn Of The Planet Of The Pugs Parody Trailer

Hollywood has again rebooted another sci-fi classic. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is now in theaters. In honor of


Orange Is The New Black Kitten Spoof

Orange Is The New Black on Netflix has become a huge success! Viewers and critics simply can't get enough of the


Die Hard Adorably Recreated With Pugs

The classic action movie Die Hard could use a little added cuteness.  Thankfully, The Pet Collective adorably recreated the 80's movie


Cute Kittens Recreate Ghostbusters

Generation Xers are mourning over the loss of one of the Ghostbusters, actor and director Harold Ramis, who recently passed.  The


Finding Nemo Cute Kitten Version

The animated Pixar film Finding Nemo is an adorable heartbreaker. But The Pet Collective has figured out how to make the story even more


‘Mean Cats’ Is The Adorable Kitty Parody Of ‘Mean Girls’

After viral hits like Toy Story Kitten Version and If HBO’S “Girls” Were “Cats” Parody, pet obsessed The Pet Collective is continuing their popular animal


Toy Story Cute Kitten Version

 The Pet Collective is at it again. After debuting adorable parodies like Paw Wars, The Lion King Kitten Edition, and “Girls” as “Cats”, the pet


If HBO’S “Girls” Were “Cats” Parody

The Pet Collective is at it again.  The animals loving channel which is so well known for their silly pet-themed parodies


The Lion King Kitten Edition

The Pet Collective loves to cover pop culture phenomenons with an adorable pet theme.  They last went viral with their precious


Home Alone Pug Puppy Version

What can be better than watching the Christmas classic Home Alone this holiday season? How about a Pug puppy, or puggy,


Cat Man Parodies Scatman

The Pet Collective, best known for their ridiculous pet-related pop music parodies, has done it again! This time, they spoofed


Cat Street Fighter

ThePetCollective has turned off course from making creative and funny animal and pet-themed pop music parodies to the video game world.