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Two Guys Become One Fat Man To Sneak Into Movie Theater

What do you do when you and your best friend only have one movie ticket? Bo Johnson and Mathew didn't want to


Aussie Guy Recreates Magic’s Rude To Propose To Girlfriend In Theater

Liam Cooper was ready to propose to his girlfriend Amy and wanted to do so in a very special and unique


Super Fan Drives Mini-Jurassic Park Jeep Power Wheels To Jurassic World Premiere

After months of intense hype, Jurassic World has finally premiered and is already set to be the summer's hottest film.


Embarrassed Man Is Caught Walking Into 50 Shades Of Grey

Danish local news channel TV2 was interviewing Maibritt Berg inside the movie theater about the blockbuster romance movie 50 Shades Of


Stereotypes At The Movie Theater

Summer is a great time for ice cream, pool parties, and going to the theater to see the big movies


Boxes Of Movie Theater Candy Dominoes

Moron United works at the local movie theater. At the end of the day, his manager told him to "get rid


Israeli Alzheimer’s Association Pranks Multiplex Theater To Raise Alzheimer’s Awareness

The Israeli Alzheimer Association (EMDA) went to Israel's largest multiplex, Cinema City, and with their cooperation, played the wrong movie for film goers.


Biker Gang Pranks Movie Theater

Carlsberg in Belgium pulled a prank on a couple innocent movie goers by packing a theater full of angry, scary looking bikers. When the unknowning


How To Deal With People On Their Phones At The Movies

There is nothing more irritating than someone who is rude enough to talk on their cell phones during a movie.


Girl Leaves Theatre Angry Voicemail After Being Kicked Out For Texting

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin has a very strict no talking or texting rule. If you talk on your


Man Proposes To Girlfriend In Special Video During Movie Theater Previews

There are so many memorable proposal video online and now it's time to add another to the top ten list. Matt wanted


Choking On Popcorn Serious Theatre Commercial

This preview commercial for popcorn in an English cinema seems like any other, until the little girl starts choking. The