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Baby Adorably Starts Dancing Every Time The Parks And Rec Theme Song Plays

LARRY GALLAGHER's toddler son is a huge fan of NBC's Parks and Recreation. He doesn't understand the show at all,


50 TV Show Theme Songs In 5 Minutes

This video by Paul Peglar and Ben McLain of The Daka Boom was posted online over a year ago, but is trending


Pokémon Dubstep Remix With Lindsey Stirling

Popular online violinist Lindsey Stirling collaborated with equally admired music producer Kurt Hugo Schneider to bring Pokemon into the new century musically.


Jimmy Fallon, Sesame Street Characters, The Roots Perform ‘Sesame Street’ Theme Song

Jimmy Fallon has an ongoing series on his popular Late Night program where he and his house band, The Roots, perform musical


Duct Tape Parody Of DuckTales Theme Song

Remember Disney's Duck Tales? Nostalgia obsessed The Warp Zone sure does. To celebrate the classic cartoon, the crew recreated the classic theme


Breaking Bad Theme Covered On Meth Lab Equipment

Like nearly everyone else online,  Andrew Huang is extremely excited by the return of the final episodes of Breaking Bad. In


Sydney University Bell Tower Plays Game Of Thrones Theme Song

The web still isn't over their love affair with HBO's ultra popular fantasy franchise Game Of Thrones. Just last week, the University Wisconsin-Madison was


Game Of Thrones With Friends Style Opening

When the Internet finds a TV series to obsess over, it goes all out. So after viewers have re-watched all


Game Of Thrones Theme Song Cello Cover

HBO's ultra popular Game Of Thrones continues to trend online, especially as the third season starts picking up steam. Naturally,


Fresh Prince Theme In Google Translate

The musical hipsters at CDZA have just finished some of their best work. Knowing that The Fresh Prince of Bel


Alicia Keys Sings Disney’s Gummi Bears Theme Song

Jimmy Fallon is a big fan of 80's and 90's nostalgia. For the latest throw back on his Late Night show, he


Motivating People To Run Up The Stairs With Rocky Music Prank

Nearly everyone who hears those first few familiar horn notes recognizes the world famous Rocky Balboa theme music, and the