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Three Year Old Boy Reacts To Atomic Warhead Ultra Sour Candy

ElDiPablo published video of his adorable three year old son Brayden tasting a world famous super sour Atomic Warhead candy. Of course,


Little Girl Climbs Door Post: “I Can Do It!”

3 Year Old Ninja may have one of the most appropriate names on YouTube, as the channel only has one video


Three Year Old Sings Carrie Underwood’s Good Girl In Back Seat Of Car

This three year old niece, and future pop-princess, belts out her best sing along performance to Carrie Underwood's new hit


3 Year Old Sings Tom Lehrer’s The Elements Song Of Periodic Table

Music can be a tremendous crutch for memory. If you have a long list of names or numbers to remember,


Adorable Three Year Old Sings And Dances LMFAO’s Sexy And I Know It

Marek started singing when he was only two years old, and now that he's three he's really letting his talent